“I hired Adam to help us amp up our sales copy. He always employed ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking to create innovative, invigorated copy for us to use. He was able to rethink and rewrite our boring copy within a fast turn-around time and, at times, added a little zest to otherwise dry content. He always jumped right into any product that was created, asking the right questions and putting himself in the shoes of the client to get the messaging just right. In addition, he was a great person to work with. We are still in touch, and I would hire him again if the opportunity arose!”

—Jennifer Bentley
Marketing Communications Leader
GEI Consultants, Inc.
Boston, MA


“We’ve used Adam for several copywriting / branding / creative projects and he has delivered for us every time. Fast, responsive and able to grasp the subject matter easily.”

—Alex Nosevich
Vice President, Creative Director
Boston, MA


“I have had the pleasure of working with Adam several times. He has gone above and beyond for each project. His work has been of a high quality, has matched the provided input, and was on time – even when turnaround times were less than ideal. Beyond that, he was perfect to work with. He was responsive, to the point, and he took feedback with ease – no diva moments here! I look forward to continuing to work with Adam as opportunities arise.”

—Lyndsey Peterson
Digital Production Manager
GYK Antler
Manchester, NH

“Adam was an excellent asset for our team. He jumped right into a very complex and fast paced environment. Adam was not shy and asked the questions he needed in order to complete his jobs. His writing was excellent, and he added a lot of value in team brainstorm sessions. It was a pleasure working with Adam.”

—Suzanne Fetky
Director of Marketing
Ascensus College Savings
Boston, MA


“I’ve hired Adam for a couple of projects over the years and have always been happy with the results. I would not hesitate to hire him again if the need arises. The work was completed on time and professionally. I’ve appreciated the work he has done.”

—Michael Bernier
VP Business Development

“Having worked with Adam on a few projects, he always provided high quality work, on time and on budget.”

—Tom Hendrickson
Founder & CEO
Mitre Media Corp.

“Adam is a pleasure to work with and he’s been a great resource for my copywriting needs for both of my companies over the past 5 years. He is especially great at syncing the tone to the brand and working the message until it’s perfect. I can always count on him to ask the right questions and deliver copy that gets the job done….all of this at a great value! I would never use anyone else.”

—Mark Chudnow
Vice-President & GM
Event Temps

“Adam wrote a video presentation script and web site texts for the new start up idea that i had. He has a very original style and I just loved his copies. Moreover when working on those he studied the subject matter very deeply to understand all the peculiarities. Adam respected all the deadlines, was very responsive during the project and after, and now whenever I have questions regarding marketing or branding I ask him to dedicate an hour or two of his time to consult me. I strongly recommend Adam for any marketing tasks or projects.”

—Levon Terteryan
Executive Coaching + Personal Development

“We have dynamic clientele (from industrial hand protection to high end live performance microphones) and diverse messaging needs (from naming and nomenclature to straightforward marketing communications). We’ve thrown Adam in the deep end of several pools, where strategic work was driving specific writing missions. He was consistently up for our challenge to get up to speed as quickly as possible and then add value on the push to a finish.”

—Mike Mooney
Strategist + Partner
Catapult Thinking

“I would highly recommend Adam for creative copy/ad writing services. He will help put together brand positioning statements, tone of voice statements and any brand-related messaging. Adam really knows how to turn tone into a voice for a brand.”

—Tina E. Hong
Executive Consultant
Consumer Segmentation & Innovation Leader

“I hired Adam to help out with a start-up I was running called Hard Ball Products. Actually before that, it was called all sorts of random things. Adam helped us out with the tag line and with the name (Adam’s names were better than Hard Ball Products, but my team liked Hard Ball better). Adam was great, I’d hire him again and recommend him to anyone.”

—Sam Ruback
Product Manager
FLIR Systems

“I hired Adam many times, great writer.”

—Scott White
BIG Kahuna

“Adam brought a higher level of creative and branding skills to our copy team. He always pushed to elevate copy and thought beyond his words to encompass client and customer perspectives. A real pleasure and talent to work with.”

—Sherry Martin
National Advertising Copy Manager
The Home Depot