Our Approach


What’s it like working with Content Oven? It’s a little different for everyone, but we always start by asking important simple questions…

“Can we see your existing marketing materials?”


We take the vitals of your current content situation in order to give us a framework from which to draw contrasts or carry forward successful practices and help you build on them.

“What are your business goals and what role might content play in achieving them?”


We want to understand the internal motivators driving your business in order to understand where content strategy and content in general might be able to play a role.

Then we ignite internal conversation.


We come to you, or you come to us. We’ll engage you in a collection of exploratory exercises designed to spark important conversations among your key stakeholders. This will reveal common ground and areas of conflict within your organization. We’ll then work with you to prioritize your company’s messaging objectives to achieve your business goals.

And formulate answers to . . .


Why are we doing this?

What are we hoping to accomplish, change, or encourage?

What are we trying to communicate?

By what standard will we measure success?

What kinds of resources, talent and budget will we need to produce valuable, content-driven engagement that is appropriate for our business goals?


What we don’t do:


Graphic design, web development, video production, and social media management? Not our thing. But we do have some fantastically talented friends who do these things, and we’d be happy to make an introduction and manage that relationship for you.